Another World of Travel

Another world of travel doesn’t have mean getting into a rocket and heading to Jupiter. In fact, right here on planet earth there are plenty of worlds to travel. You can travel in what I call, the traditional way. Go to a travel agent, book your tickets, get yourself an itinerary, schedule your vacation time, and then go about your world travel with everything planned out for you.Another world of travel is that of the backpacker. Backpackers like to think of themselves as independent, meaning that they choose where to go, how long to stay, and don’t generally use the services of travel agents or trip bookers. However, in my experience, I find that most people who are backpacking aren’t truly independent. Many of them have schedules they need to follow, instead of a travel agent they use their Lonely Planet or other guide books, and though they don’t like to admit it, they often have things planned out in just as much detail as the traditional vacationers.One thing that annoys me when I go to backpacker haunts is to hear some twenty two year old with a huge budget, pre booked activities, fully planned transportation, and no intention of getting off the beaten path ranting about the difference between travelers and tourists. He’s a tourist too, although one that isn’t spending as much money and carries a backpack. A better term for this kind of world traveler would be a backpack tourist.Of course, the classic rant of tourist vs. traveler does have some merit behind it. A traveler is someone who is flexible in their plans. They usually forgo the comforts of expensive hotels for other means of finding a place to sleep while they travel the world, and most importantly, they tend to interact directly with the cultures and peoples they encounter.I’m not saying which is better since I’ve done both and have found that each has a time and a purpose. The truth is that you can find another world of travel just by changing the way you look at the world.

Backpacking Vs Organized Tours – A Decision Every Traveller Faces

In planning my RTW adventure, I have been giving considerable thought to the options of backpack solo, or booking into an organised tour. In my past travels, I have done a combination of both organised tours and backpacking solo and both have their good and bad points.ORGANISED TOURS – THE GOOD… Time Poor – If you only have a limited amount of time to go travel, then an organised tour is great as you will be able to get around and see all the things you want to, without the hassle of organising the trip yourself.New Friends – Generally people who book an organised tour with a specific company all have similar interests. I have made some amazing friends through doing organised tours and still, to this day, keep in touch with them.You can be lazy – Once you have booked your tour, paid and packed your bag, you don’t need to worry about a thing! You are in effect paying the tour company to take care of transportation, meals, accommodation and all the hassles involved in travelling.ORGANISED TOURS – THE BAD… Socially inept – Every tour has someone on the tour who will drive you nuts. When in India, I was travelling with two girlfriends and because there were 3 of us in total, we had to alternate sharing a room with another female. Unfortunately this female was an older woman who had no self awareness and was clearly an inexperienced traveller, some of the “interesting experiences’ we had with her included:She did not shut the door when she went to the bathroom, I would NEVER go to the bathroom with the door open, especially when I had only known the person for a matter of weeks…
She did not bring adequate first aid and medication supplies, unfortunately she came down with a mild cold / flu and proceeded to use everyone else’s medication and she never offered to replace it. When we went past a chemist, she was that inconsiderate that she didn’t even think to buy her own supplies.
She forgot her torch, now on this tour we were camping along the Ganges for several days and a torch was essential. So every time she went to the bathroom she borrowed my head torch, the problem was that she put this on her sweaty head and handed it back to me wet.. YUCK!
She hung her underwear up all over the bathroom and on my chair and bed, it was not a pleasant experience having to relocate her over sized bloomers every time I wanted to sit down…
She would leave the hotel with the key, there were several occasions when I was stranded outside of my room and had to wait for her to return, rule number 1 of an organised tour is ALWAYS leave the key with reception when you go out.People who don’t read the trip notes – Of the tours I have done, I have encountered two travellers, who never should have booked on the types of trips that they did. The first encounter was in Thailand, there were a young English couple on the tour, they had never travelled outside of britain and were both very young. They winged, moaned, cried and did not enjoy themselves and pretty much did everything in their power to let the rest of us know they were not enjoying the experience. Had this couple taken the time to read the trip notes, they probably would have realised what they were getting themselves into and perhaps, reconsidered their trip.Waiting, Waiting & Waiting – Now because tour leaders are acutely aware that people are always running late, whenever you need to leave your hotel or meet as a group, the tour leaders always tell you to meet at least 1/2 an hour before the actual meeting time. This is fine if your the type of person that is always running late, however for the rest of us it means waiting around in lobby’s for what seems like forever!!BACKPACKING – THE GOODNow my personal preferred method of travelling is backpacking! and some of my favourite things about this mode of travel include:You don’t have to answer to anyone, if you don’t like a place, you can simply leave, if you like it, you can stay!
You meet some amazing like minded people along the way, hanging out at hostels and having a beer in the lounge can introduce you to some amazing people
It is very inspiring hearing what other people have done and are doing, my addition to travel has come out of hearing other peoples stories about what they have done!
other backpackers are generally very considerate and willing to meet new people and share their experiences
It is cheaper! You are not paying a premium for a tour company, a tour guide and their accommodation so you can cut costs as you see fit, stay in a nicer hotel or a cheaper hotel if that suits you!
If you get drunk and make a fool of yourself, you can just move on! You don’t need to deal with anyone the next day!
It is easier to have a holiday romance! One of the most amazing romances I have ever had was when I finished my organised tour in Thailand and backpacked around for a week, I met a wonderful American man who followed me to Bangkok and then onto Australia! I could not have had a romance when in an organised tour, especially an extended one as if it gets complicated, it can make the entire trip awkward!BACKPACKING – THE BADAt times you just want to have someone to take your photo! If you can’t find someone to do side trips, you end up getting a lot of self portraits that aren’t exactly flattering!It can be frustrating navigating around cities and countries on your own when you don’t speak the language. Particularly if you are white and travelling to an Asian country, people know your a tourist and can take advantage of this.You are a target, as a female you can be a target from male advances and this can be quite intimidating if you don’t have the confidence to deal with it.
It can get lonely, if you don’t strike up friendships along the way, you can end up spending a lot of time alone, which on occasion can be nice, but it is very nice to share experiences with other people.
If you get sick, you are on your own, there is no-one to bring you medication or look after you!
When you get home, you don’t have anyone to share your experiences with, when travelling with a partner you can always reminisce about the things you have done, or you can email others from your tour and keep in touch. But when you travel solo, the reality is no one really cares what adventures you have been up to, they pretend, but they aren’t really interested!All in all there are definite advantages and disadvantages for both backpacking and organised tours, for my trip I will be doing a combination of both n the beginning, however once I have finished in Africa, it is my intention to go solo for the rest of my trip and meet some new and exciting people along the way!