BlackBerry: Not Just a Business Phone Anymore

Think about BlackBerry and the first thing that comes to mind is business phone. These days BlackBerry is more than just a business phone and it has become a popular phone among the youth and lately people have been buying BlackBerry for personal use as well.There was a time when people were able to check e-mails and use the internet when they were in front of their PC’s at home or in office but smart phones like BlackBerry have made it possible for the user to enjoy internet and reply to important mails while on the go. There is a dramatic increase in the user base for BlackBerry as a result of which the BlackBerry app development and developers are in demand.Recent BlackBerry applications include social networking & IM applications, apps for business, finance, health, maps, news and many more. The BlackBerry app store also offers games and themes to download. Gone are the days when BlackBerry was just considered as a business phone and was used only by office people. It is now a popular phone with everyone just because of the fact that third vendors have started offering custom BlackBerry applications to the companies and the company can accordingly focus on their target audience.The most important and successful application in BlackBerry is BB Messenger that helps the business partners to be in touch 24/7 and the same is popular among the youth as well as BBM offers unlimited chatting and users can share images, media files and much via the messenger free of cost.BlackBerry is all set to launch latest models with OS 7 and according to RIM the graphics for OS 7 will be very fast, with BlackBerry coming up with tablets it is becoming an interesting platform for the companies to target & focus on. Lately organizations are not only looking at BlackBerry as a business phone but also feel that the mobile apps can be made to target the people apart from the professional ones.BlackBerry app development is becoming an interesting domain with the launch of its new handset models, OS and tablets as a result of which companies are looking for BlackBerry app developers who can offer them customized applications. The major reason for BlackBerry to become popular is that the phone is not anymore only for the business people but also the younger generation is getting interested in buying BlackBerry because of its special and interesting apps. Choose the third party application developer who can help you with the applications you have in mind for your customers.